We are a national law firm representing clients in a variety of civil/consumer matters including bankruptcy, debt settlement and civil litigation.

Consumers are often preyed upon by unscrupulous creditors in a highly regulated area of the law.
Increasing availability of credit to consumers has created more economic conflict between consumers and creditors. In practice, ALLG attempts to provide legal services by using a cost-effective model designed so that all can afford these services.  

In addition to their broad legal qualifications, our attorneys have extensive “hands on” experience in the real worlds of personal and commercial business. We have been in your shoes and understand your financial problems from the inside out. ALLG attorneys are serious negotiators and litigators. At ALLG, our negotiators are skilled and are often able to resolve problems and disputes before litigation.


Providing representation in the following areas:


civil litigation and negotiations

Legal issues can be daunting, but an experienced attorney can make things easier. Previous work experience in other industries gives us empathetic perspective on how legal problems can impact your life.

If you are facing legal issues, whether significant debts or or other significant matters in, contact John Cloar at American Litigation Law Group.

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