Consumer Debt Litigation

At Amerilit, we are here to help you navigate problems you may have with creditors who are calling you day and night, at home and at work, and are constantly sending mail threatening law suits.  We understand and we can help.  Here at Amerilit, we can help you resolve these problems and find solutions, hopefully relieving you of stress and worries associated with your debts.  We are a law firm that represents debt consumers throughout the country.  Through our office and our legal team, we can help you get to a fresh start.


Who we are

  • We are currently defending more than 800 lawsuits against credit card companies and other creditors.

  • Our Amerilit attorneys and staff will help assist you manage, negotiate and settle your debt collection issues.

  • Since January 1, 2019 alone, we have saved our clients over $4.3 million dollars in resolving their debts with creditors. 

what we offer

  • $895 flat fee to get you a resolution for your debt collection issues, seeing the case through to final to resolution.

  • Legal resources available to deal with lawsuits involving credit card companies filed against you.

  • Provide good sound advice and counsel in handling debt collection actions against you.

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